Credit Transfer

USET allows students from other university to transfer credit according to the credit transfer policy of USET. Credit transfer is only accepted after the admission is completed. A minimum of 45 semester hours (of which at least 30 hours must be upper-division courses) must be successfully completed from University to earn a Bachelor’s degree. Not more than twelve (12) semester-hours can be transferred from other institutions to earn a Master’s degree.

Guidelines for Credit Transfer

  • Original transcripts and prospectus of the university /program showing academic system, grading system and course descriptions (course outlines, if available) etc. should be submitted with the credit transfer form, available at registrar’s office.
  • Courses that are similar in content with USET or that have equivalence with USET may be considered for transfer. However courses that are not directly equivalent or similar to USET courses may be transferred as elective courses based on approval of the credit transfer committee.
  • The credit transfer from other universities will not exceed 50% of the credits required for degree completion at USET.
  • The details of courses transferred from other universities will not be mentioned in the Transcript of USET, only the number of credits will be mentioned.


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