About Faculty of Engineering

The faculty of engineering is the most forward-looking, vibrant, and dynamic school in USET. It is considered to be one of the largest schools in USET. Our main commitment to society is to provide an outstanding experience for the students and prepare them for the highest personal and professional growth. We believe in student-centered and skill-oriented education to train the future workforce and meet the challenges of existing and emerging technologies of the 21st century and fourth industrial revolution. For this, we always focus on hiring outstanding faculty members from home and abroad, incorporate an outcome-based education system, and build state-of-the-art teaching facilities and research laboratories.

Our Curriculam

Our curriculum is designed to provide the fundamental principles of engineering and science and broad-based general education that is required for continued professional growth for the graduates. The graduates will also know how to use cutting-edge skills to solve the simple to the complex problem of society. Graduates will contribute to the development of computer science and software and information technology to make our lives ease. We follow an intensive course curriculum containing well-organized courses on basic sciences, computer science, electrical and electronic engineering, computer engineering, management, and humanities, etc. We designed to create a skilled workforce from the technical and vocational education system developing a pathway to higher education for the workforce.


Campus: Kazibari Bus Stand, Narayanganj Road, Fatullah, Narayanganj, Dhaka - 1430, Bangladesh


Admission Office: 09611 `95 `95 , 01733 360 664, 01756 897059

Registrar Office : 01748 883 159 +88-09611195195

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