About Faculty of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences is one of the most unique schools in USET. It consists of two departments- the Department of Economics and the Department of English. Its. Our Liberal Arts and Social Sciences education involves close interactions between students and faculty members. We regularly organize nationals conferences, seminars, workshops, field trips, and study tours, etc. to reduce the gap between students and faculty members. Our faculties are highly research-oriented and strive for knowledge creation by creating a bridge between theory and practice. Our aim is to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge so that the graduates can utilize both in their personal and professional life.

Our Curriculam

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences provides an integral component of USET academic offerings, the Foundation Courses, for the undergraduates, tailored to enhance critical thinking and essential skills. We offer a very creative and challenging environment for the students that they can discover their talents. We offer a diversity of programs from this faculty and inspire students to become a communication expert, a master of language, a journalist, a creative writer, a teacher, an anthropologist, a sociologist, an entrepreneur, or go on to pursue advanced studies. We also believe we strive to infuse the quality of leadership in all our students.


Campus: Kazibari Bus Stand, Narayanganj Road, Fatullah, Narayanganj, Dhaka - 1430, Bangladesh


Admission Office: 09611 `95 `95 , 01733 360 664, 01756 897059

Registrar Office : 01748 883 159 +88-09611195195

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